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SEO Sri Lanka

Search Engine Optimization

Get Your Business On Top Of Google With Sri Lanka SEO Agency

What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization

The internet is a haystack and your website is the needle lost in it. To find it you need the perfect tool. In this case, it is SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO makes your website visible in a multitude of other websites. It cannot be done towards the end to just enhance your website; it has to be incorporated in the coding. You should know that SEO is not the cherry on top of the cake; it is the eggs incorporated in the cake to bind it! Having the right SEO can make your website SEO friendly which in turn will get you more sites and maybe even boost your sales.

Here at Lankawebdesign, we believe that tiny details make big things happen. We make sure your website is SEO friendly in every possible way. With the right set of words, we make you search engine friendly. Once we are done with your website, people from every nook and corner of the globe will be able to find you. Whether it’s on-site or off-site, you can come to us. We will listen to all your needs and deliver them to the perfect tiny detail. Our Search engine optimizers are friendly, professional and well versed with the art of SEO. Don’t believe us, come and experience it!


How Does SEO Sri Lanka Help Your Business Grow?

When people need to find a product or service, they turn to search engines like Google. In fact, you probably found this site the same way – through a search for something like SEO Sri Lanka. That’s why SEO is so important; it puts your page higher up on the search results so that more people will find you.

So no matter the field or scope of your business, your marketing strategy needs Search Engine Optimization. But SEO isn’t that easy to understand – Google keeps changing its rules, meaning strategies need to keep evolving with it.

That’s where we come in. LankaWebDesign is your expert partner when it comes to SEO services in Sri Lanka. Unlike several Sri Lankan SEO companies, we prefer effective long-term solutions to short-term fixes, making sure your site remains on top.


With our SEO Sri Lanka Consultancy, you will be provided with a good SEO strategy and the best ways to implement it. From Keyword research to link building, we will perform everything to near perfection allowing you site to bag a good result.


International SEO helps you target audiences of different nations and time zones. We will perform an analysis of the website’s traffic and do the needful optimizations to make your site internationally available.


A Technical site audit makes it easy for search engines to crawl through your site and index them. It might not sound important, but it is the most crucial part in getting good rankings. Once we are done with your on-page SEO we will begin the technical audit to make sure you website becomes one in the top ranks.


Choosing the right set of keywords can make a huge difference in your website’s rank. We will do an extensive keyword research and pick the suitable ones that will boost the rank of your website.


Launching your website online requires a lot of preparation if you want to get it right. One of them is the competitor analysis. By using the best competitive intelligence tools in the market, we will keep a close look on the competitor website giving you a good understanding of the techniques that are being used by them.


The SEO penalty Recovery Service helps recognize the causes for the site to fail in meeting Google’s standards. This results in a ranking drop which can reduce the popularity of your site in the search result page. We get to the root of the problem by figuring out the factors which caused the penalty. Whatever the penalty type, our Penalty Recovery can steer you clear from rough waters!